2015-17 Dodge Challenger Air Deflector Splitter Covers P9404135 P9404134

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Mopar Part No: 68327082AA

Manufacturer: Mopar

Part Number: 68327082AA

Other Part Number: 68327083AA

Color: Yellow

This listing is for ONE set of used yellow splitter protectors. This pair was taken off a 2017 Challenger PLEASE BE AWARE THESE WILL ONLY FIT A CHALLENGER THEY WILL NOT FIT A CHARGER These will show minor signs of wear and usage but nothing drastic. (See photos) Four push pins will be included for installation. (You literally just push them in to install - no tools needed!) Part #P9404135/68327083AA (left side) Part #P9404134/68327082AA (right side) If you have any questions feel free to message me and as always thanks for viewing.

Warranty: No Warranty

Returns Accepted: No