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The engines and components listed below fit a Mercury.

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Ford 1950 Mercury flatthead orIginal engine/transmission

Part Number 4.6L 4v Dohc 320hp v8

302hp 2003-2004 Mercury Marauder Engine 4.6L 4 speed Auto transmission kit 4.6

Part Number: 4.6L 4v Dohc 320hp v8

Part Number 300-09125

Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 4.6L Engine 2003-2005 83K Miles

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 300-09125

Interchange Part Number 300-09129


Returns Accepted. Genuine OEM part. From a 2003 MERCURY MARAUDER with 206000 miles.

Lincoln/Mercury 6.0L 368 Y-Block V8 Engine with Carb/Accessories Video Tested

Returns Accepted. From a 57 MERCURY FULL SIZE

Part Number 5L1Z 6049-AA , 5L1Z-6049-AA , 3L3Z-6049-BA

Ford 4.6L 5.4L 3V Cylinder Head Assembly Passenger RH Side Genuine OEM

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 5L1Z 6049-AA , 5L1Z-6049-AA , 3L3Z-6049-BA

79-93 Ford 302 V8 5.0L Engine / RWD Transmission Dropout / Swap 92k Test Video

Returns Accepted. From a 89 LINCOLN & TOWN CAR

05-07 Ford Escape Mercury Mariner 3.0 Engine Motor Assembly 102K Miles Tested

Returns Accepted. From a 05 FORD ESCAPE

Part Number 5W7T-14290-AJE

2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Under Hood MAIN WIRING HARNESS OEM # 5W7T-14290-AJE

From a Mercury Grand Marquis

Part Number: 5W7T-14290-AJE

Part Number MHP-301

Mercruiser Mercury Racing MHP-301 hydraulic roller cam camshaft 700SCi 500 EFI

Part Number: MHP-301

Part Number GT40P , F77E

Ford GT40P 302 5.0L 4 Bar Cylinder Head Assembly Genuine OEM SET / Pair

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: GT40P , F77E

2004 Mercury Marauder Complete Engine 4.6 Auto Transmission Drop Out 130k AA6751

Returns Accepted. From a 2004 Mercury

Part Number 2W7Z6019AB , 2W7Z-6019-AB

Genuine Ford Lincoln Mercury Timing Cover 4.6L 2V 2000-2005

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 2W7Z6019AB , 2W7Z-6019-AB

70K MILES MILAN Engine RAN! 3.0L 2010-2011 Motor FreeShip Warranty Factory OEM

Returns Accepted. From a 2010 MILAN with 70317 miles.

550 hp 454 gen6 marine mangus mercury racing mercruiser

Part Number 5W7T-14401-AFP

2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Ford Crown Victoria Dash Floor Shifter HARNESS OEM

From a Mercury Grand Marquis

Part Number: 5W7T-14401-AFP

60s vintage 1966-67 MERCURY skrip new chrome pent roof valve covers 427 ford

Part Number (8) 154 / BP154

Ford Mercury Lincoln 5.0 302 1968-2001 Reconditioned OE Connecting Rods Set (8)

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: (8) 154 / BP154

1968-1969 70's FORD MERCURY 390 428 FE valve covers pair GALAXIE TORINO TRUCK

Returns Accepted.

Part Number F87Z6675GA

Genuine Ford Oil Pan 5.0L 302 Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 98-01 w/out Sensor

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: F87Z6675GA