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PORSCHE, Audi, Laborghini - lithium ion - lifepo4 - battery 12v Repair Service.

LiFePO4 Battery compatible part numbers! IMPORTANT: Have a certified technician check your vehicle's electrical system to prevent future issues. 9Y0-915-105-0Y / 9Y0-915-105-CY.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Cell NIMH Module 04-15 7.8V and Up

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Cell 2004-2015. Fits Toyota Prius 2004-2015. Prius V 2010-2017. Prius C 2012-2019. Chevrolet Silverado 2008-2013. Lexus CT 200 H 2010-2015. Lexus ES300H 2012-2017. Lexus HS250 H 2009- 2012.


Quality Toyota Hybrid Battery Modules Cells Reconditioned Prius 7-8.2V 6M Warr

Quality Toyota Reconditioned Hybrid Battery Modules Prius Camry 7.5-8.2V 6 Mo Warr. These individual NiMH Panasonic prismatic modules (cells) make up the hybrid batteries of Toyota/Lexus Hybrids (excluding Highlander, RX450H) primarily between the years of 2004-2015, Nissan Altima 2007-2011, and Chevy/Cadillac Hybrid Trucks 2009-2013.

Hyundai Sonata Kia Optima Hybrid Battery Cell Module Pack AA110-B1100  2011-15

Hyundai Sonata Kia Optima Hybrid Battery Cell Module AA110-B1100.

Nissan Leaf 112Ah 1670Wh 14.6V Lithium Ion Battery Module 4s2p

TESTED Tesla Model S Battery Module 24V 60kW 4.5kWh 384 18650 Cell 1009312-20-B

Free local pickup. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive. ITEM CONDITION.

Fiat 500e Lithium Ion Battery Module 5S Samsung cells 18v

Set of 5 2013-2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Cells 3.5V OEM


11-15 Hyundai Sonata/Kia Optima Hybrid Battery Cell 28-30V, AA110-B1100, OEM

HYBRID BATTERY WORLD. The price is for one item.

2013-2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Battery Cells Pack OEM

HYBRID BATTERY WORLD. The price is for one item.

2005- 2009 Ford Escape, HYBRID BATTERY STICK/CELL 6.2-6.5 Volts, OEM

HYBRID BATTERY WORLD. The price is for one item.

Toyota Prius Nickel Plated Copper Bus Bars and Nickel Plated Bus Bar Nuts

Quality Toyota nickel plated copper bus bars and nickel plated nuts. This kit includes 27 bus bars and 58 nuts to secure them which will leave you an extra bus bar and 2 extra nuts just in case. This will work for any 28 module or less Toyota hybrid battery like any Prius made before 2017 and Lexus CT200H.

Tesla (85KW) OEM HV Battery Pack S3 Module 24V 5.2kWh 1009312-00-E

Tesla Lithium Battery Module 24V 5.2kWh Great for EV Conversion or solar 1860 PanasonicThis battery appears to have been modified, I see no controller card present. This battery was used to power a small robotic cart which used 4 small 24v motors. It has not been tested and I cannot verify fit or function. I have a large quantity of these if you are interested in purchasing more. Capacity: 232Ah, 5.2kWh Height: 3.1 InchesWidth: 11.9 InchesLength: 26.2 InchesWeight: 55 PoundsBolt Size: M8 Voltage nominal: 3.8V/Cell, 22.8V/ModuleCharge voltage cut-off: 4.2V/Cell, 25.2V/ModuleDischarging cut-off: 3.3V/Cell, 19.8/ModuleMaximum Discharging Current (10 sec.):750 Amps

2x 12S Honda Toshiba SCiB LTO 20Ah 1100Wh 27.6V 55.2V Lithium Ion Battery Module

Battery Type Toshiba SCiB LTO 12s2p OR 24s1p. Rated Capacity 20Ah(actual capacity may vary)., low temperature operation and inherent safety. Bought for a project, never used. My loss is your gain!

Nissan Leaf 112Ah 1670Wh 14.6V Lithium Ion Battery Module 4s2p OR 2s4p

Bought for a project, never used. You are purchasing one used 2018+ Nissan Leaf battery module removed from a 40kWh battery. Believed to be at 95%+ State of Health. These cells are NMC cathode construction made by AESC for Nissan.

TESTED w WARRANTY 5.3 kWh Tesla Model S 85 90 EV Battery Module 24V Gen 2 Cells

They are backward compatible and will fit 2012 to 2020 Tesla Model S and X with proper knowledge. Beware of Gen 1 modules as they are aging out at 10 to 12 years of age and failing. Total energy storage is 5.3 kWh.

Toyota Hybrid Battery Cell NIMH Module OEM 2004- 2015 Cycled and balanced

This Toyota Hybrid Battery Module is a reliable and high-quality OEM product that is perfect for any hybrid car owner. With a capacity of  4000 mAh and a nominal voltage of 7.2v, it is sure to provide optimal performance and efficiency for your vehicle. The module is bolt-on and features OE/OEM part numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 10, making it compatible with a wide range of cars. Made in Japan, this battery module is known for its superior quality and durability. It also comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 month, ensuring that you are getting a reliable product. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to upgrade your hybrid vehicle with this 3rd generation Hybrid Battery Module.

BMS board - Cells meter and wire for Tesla Battery Module (Not Included Battery

Battery Module.