Used Chargers and Service Equipment For Sale

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Part Number UMCGEN1

Used Tesla Model S/X/3 UMC Gen 1 Mobile Connector Charger with Bag oem 1940 amp Y

Returns Accepted. Manufactured by Tesla.

Part Number: UMCGEN1

Used Ford OEM Plug-In Energi Charge Cord Cable Newer Style Factory Works Great

Returns Accepted.

For parts only, Used 1940 amp EVSE box , EV Charger box, EVSE , level 2 , 240V

Manufactured by 40 amp replacement cable Used.

Part Number EVSE D25-16A

Level 2 Electric Car Charger 220v 2016 amp, J1772, Hardwired - USED

Part number EVSE D25-16A. Manufactured by Unbranded.

Part Number: EVSE D25-16A

Part Number FM58-10B706AE

Ford FM58-10B706AE C-Max Energi Electric Car Charger Fusion/Bolt/Volt - VGC

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: FM58-10B706AE

Zencar EV Charger: 16A 110-230V AC

Returns Accepted.

Chargepoint Ct 1000 Ev Electric Vehicle Charger Car Charger

Part Number 10130

J1772 Handle & Cable Electric Vehicle L1 L2 Car Charger repair 16A PreOwned

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 10130

Part Number 1033336-00-B

2013 Tesla Model S P85 Electric Charging Wire Terminal 1033336-00-B

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 1033336-00-B

Perfect OEM Smart car, Mercedes Focus Fusion Volt electric EV Car Charger C-max

Returns Accepted.

Part Number 91887 G7520

Hyundai IONIQ 91887-G7520 EV Tech Wiring Assbly-Norm.Chg Outlet Cbl w/Bag TESTED

Part number 91887 G7520. Manufactured by Hyundai/Yura Corp in Korea, Republic of.

Part Number: 91887 G7520

Interchange Part Number 660-00122

Conv/Invert/Charger Hybrid Inverter Fits 07-11 ALTIMA

Returns Accepted. Genuine OEM part. From a 2009 NISSAN ALTIMA with 73000 miles.

Part Number G90607190

Toyota Prius Plug-In, Rav4, Mirai, Scion iQ Charger Hybrid EV Charging Cable OEM

Manufactured by Toyota.

Part Number: G90607190

Part Number 1021154-02-H

Tesla Model S (2014-2016) OEM Rear High Voltage Junction Box Part# 1021154-02-H

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 1021154-02-H

Part Number CPH25-L25

ChargePoint CPH25-L25 HARDWIRED Home WiFi Electric Vehicle Charger Level 2 1925 Ft

Returns Accepted. Manufactured by ChargePoint.

Part Number: CPH25-L25

Part Number 1014355-00-B

Tesla Motors Model S X Charging Adapter 1014355-00-B USN5-15 125V-15A TESLA OEM

Part number 1014355-00-B. Manufactured by Tesla.

Part Number: 1014355-00-B

Part Number 1059891-00-C

Tesla Model S (2016-2018) OEM GEN 3 Front Junction Box Part# 1059891-00-C

Part number 1059891-00-C. Manufactured by Tesla.

Part Number: 1059891-00-C

Part Number 764423903

BMW i3 i8 330e 530e EV ELECTRIC CAR BATTERY CHARGER PLUG IN 120V 12A 7644239-03

Returns Accepted. Manufactured by BMW.

Part Number: 764423903

Mennekes 16A J1772 to 62196-2 / Type 1 to Type 2 charging cable. Nissan Leaf

Manufactured by Mennekes in Germany.

Part Number 1007189-00-G

2012-2015 Tesla Model S Driver Rear Charge Port 1007189-00-G

Part number 1007189-00-G. Manufactured by Tesla.

Part Number: 1007189-00-G