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The automatic transmissions and related parts listed below fit a Ford.

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Part Number 6R140

6R140 VALVE BODY 2011-UP FORD F250 All F Series Lifetime Warranty

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 6R140

01-08 Ford Escape, CD4E Transmission, 3.0L, AWD, w/ Converter, Remanufactured

Returns Accepted.

Part Number 6R60

2002 - 2010 Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer 4WD REBUILT Transmission. 4x4

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 6R60

Part Number XL347A195BC, XL34ABC

2002 Ford F150 Pickup 4X4 TRANSFER CASE

Returns Accepted. Genuine OEM part. From a 2002 Ford F150 Pickup with 260500 miles.

Part Number: XL347A195BC, XL34ABC

4R100 1999 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty 7.3L Diesel 4WD Rebuilt Transmission ATSG

Part Number 4R70W

4R70W Ford Transmission Direct Drum, Loaded

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 4R70W

Part Number 4r100

4R100 Ford F-250 PWM 3pc Valve Body With Solenoid Pack 98-04

Part Number: 4r100

Part Number F60


Returns Accepted.

Part Number: F60

Part Number Detroit Axle Transmission 4R75

Rebuilt Transmission 5.4L 4x4 2004 - 2010 Ford F150 Truck 4R75E

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: Detroit Axle Transmission 4R75

Interchange Part Number 400-01268B

Automatic Transmission 6.7L Diesel 4WD Fits 2011 FORD F250SD PICKUP

Returns Accepted. Genuine OEM part. From a 2011 FORD TRUCK F350SD with 214000 miles.

Part Number R36500


Returns Accepted.

Part Number: R36500

2013 FORD F350 PICKUP 6.2 Automatic Transmission Assy 4x2 6R140 207555 Miles

Returns Accepted. From a 2013 FORD F350 SD PICKUP

Part Number LKQ-6141AA-60 -1998

1998 Ford Mustang 3.8L Automatic Transmission Assembly

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: LKQ-6141AA-60 -1998

Part Number 5R55S

5Spd Rebuilt AT Transmission 5R55S for 2005-2010 Ford Mustang 4.0L SOHC /4.6L 3V

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 5R55S

Interchange Part Number 400-01206

Automatic Transmission 5R110W Torqshift 2WD Fits 2010 FORD F250SD PICKUP

Genuine OEM part. From a 2010 FORD TRUCK F250SD with 147000 miles.

Part Number 3L3P7000LA, 3L3PLA, 3L3Z7000LARM, PKF00DF

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Ford F150 Pickup 2004 2004 4X4

Returns Accepted. Genuine OEM part. From a 2004 Ford F150 Pickup with 142366 miles.

Part Number: 3L3P7000LA, 3L3PLA, 3L3Z7000LARM, PKF00DF

Part Number F5TP-7G391AA

Ford E4OD Solenoid Pack Bronco Expedition 95-97 Lifetime Warranty

Part Number: F5TP-7G391AA

Part Number 4F27E

2011 - 2013 Ford Transit Connect Rebuilt Transmission 4F27E 4-Speed Automatic

Returns Accepted.

Part Number: 4F27E

Part Number 7C3P7000BC 7C3PBC 7C3Z7000B

Transmission For Ford F250SD Pickup 6.4L AT 171K

Returns Accepted. Genuine OEM part. From a F250SD with 171070 Miles miles.

Part Number: 7C3P7000BC 7C3PBC 7C3Z7000B

Part Number FC3P7000CA FC3PCA HC3P7000CA

Transmission For Ford F250SD Pickup 6.2L AT 106K

Returns Accepted. Genuine OEM part. From a F250SD with 106910 Miles miles.

Part Number: FC3P7000CA FC3PCA HC3P7000CA