Whiteline KSB602 for 98-02 Miata NB Front Adjustable Strut Tower Brace

Part Number KSB602 is a new shock & strut mount.

Item #: PR-204444445719
Ships From: Bonita, California, US
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Whiteline Part No: KSB602

Manufacturer: Whiteline

Part Number: KSB602

Features: 100% Accuracy of Fit, Easy to Replace, No Drilling Required

You can never have too much chassis stiffness. Weight aside, the more the better. Chassis bracing maintains alignment angles and spring rates by greatly reducing body or chassis flex. In fact, it helps every component in the suspension system do its job properly and you can feel the difference through improved turn-in, sharper steering response along with greater steering feedback.

Warranty: 1 Year

Returns Accepted: Yes

Item must be returned within: 30 calendar days

Return shipping will be paid by: SELLER