Torque Solution Transmission Mount Insert Fits Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS 13+

Part Number TS-FRS-004 is a new Torque Solution motor mount for the Subaru BRZ.

Item #: PR-273507068814
Ships From: Pompano Beach, Florida, US
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Torque Solution Part No: TS-FRS-004

Manufacturer: Torque Solution

Part Number: TS-FRS-004

The factory mount allows the transmission to move which gives the feeling of a sloppy drivetrain. The mounts will give the car a more direct feel and more precise driver input to the vehicle. You can expect a much better feel under Braking, Acceleration, & lateral G's.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Returns Accepted: Yes

Item must be returned within: 30 calendar days

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