Sears X-CARGO SPORT 2020 Overhead Automobile Storage With Mounting Brackets Includ

Part Number sport 20 is a used cargo box.

Item #: PR-295884739484
Ships From: Milford, Pennsylvania, US
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Sears Part No: sport 20

Manufacturer: Sears

Model: Sears X-cargo Sport 20

Part Number: sport 20

Color: Black

Features: Easy Installation

Sears X-CARGO SPORT 20 Overhead Automobile Storage with mounting brackets included inside. Used 2 times to go from PA to FL. Cost close to $700 installed. Worked great and held so much luggage and items during travel. It's been in storage for the last 3 years. Has some scuffs and scratches from being stored but still overall good condition and works as it should. I am in the process of looking for the key but already got a quote from a locksmith to open and replace lock for $25. Currently do not have the key but once i find it, i will update the listing. Sold as is. No returns, exchanges or refunds.

Returns Accepted: Yes