OEM Lamborghini Center Wheel Hubs Caps Covers 4 pieces Set Black 0R1400107

new center cap.

Item #: PR-186427602805
Ships From: Austin, Texas, US
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Color: Black

Enhance the look of your prized Lamborghini with these brand-new OEM center caps, designed to add that extra touch of elegance to your vehicle's wheels.

Genuine OEM: These center caps are authentic Lamborghini parts, ensuring the highest quality and perfect compatibility with your vehicle.

Brand New: They are completely new and have never been used, guaranteeing pristine condition upon arrival.

Precise Fit: Designed specifically for Lamborghini models, these center caps will seamlessly complement your vehicle's wheels.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Elevate the appearance of your Lamborghini with these genuine center caps that showcase the iconic brand logo.

Easy Installation: Effortlessly replace your existing center caps with these OEM ones for an instant upgrade.


These center caps are an ideal choice for Lamborghini enthusiasts looking to maintain the authenticity and style of their vehicles. Don't miss this opportunity to give your car that finishing touch of luxury and precision.

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