[OEM] Hyundai Genesis G70 G80 G90 GV70 GV80 Wheel Center Cap (PN 52960-B1000)

Part Number 52960-B1000 is a used center cap for the Genesis GV70.

Item #: PR-166551976811
Ships From: Las Vegas, Nevada, US
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Genesis Part No: 52960-B1000

Manufacturer: Genesis

Part Number: 52960-B1000

Color: Grey

Features: Car Wash Safe, Easy to Install

Genesis GV70 2022-2023. Genesis GV80 2021-2023. Genesis G90 2017-2022. Genesis G80 2017-2023. Genesis G70 2019-2023. Hyundai Genesis 2015-2016. Product: Center Cap (Single). Is this cap not exactly what you're looking for?.