OEM A/C Pressure Sensor Switch HVAC Volvo 30899051 8623270 31368366

Part Number 31368366 is a new A/C pressure switch for the Volvo WI.

Item #: PR-394955582196
Ships From: Plano, Texas, US
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Volvo Part No: 31368366

Manufacturer: Volvo

Part Number: 31368366

This OEM A/C Pressure Sensor Switch is a vital component for your Volvo's HVAC system. It ensures that the air conditioning is functioning properly by monitoring the pressure levels in the system. The sensor is designed to fit perfectly with your vehicle and is compatible with OE/OEM part numbers 30899051 and 8623270, as well as the manufacturer part number 31368366. Whether you're replacing a faulty sensor or upgrading your Volvo's HVAC system, this OEM A/C Pressure Sensor Switch is the perfect fit for your needs. Don't let a malfunctioning A/C ruin your driving experience - upgrade your system today! Fitment This fits all Volvo models 2016-2024