OEM 4PC Toyota 2.4L 90919-02244 made in japan 4 Ignition Coils by Denso

Part Number 90919-02244 is a used ignition coil.

Item #: PR-266700084976
Ships From: Portland, Oregon, US
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Denso Part No: 90919-02244

Manufacturer: Denso

Part Number: 90919-02244


For Lexus HS250h 2.4L L4 2010-2012

For Pontiac Vibe 2.4L L4 2009-2010

For Scion tC 2.4L L4 2005-2010

For Scion xB 2.4L L4 2010-2015

For Toyota Camry 2.4L L4 2002-2009

For Toyota Camry 2.4L L4 Electric/Gas 2007-2011

For Toyota Corolla 2.4L L4 2009-2011

For Toyota Highlander 2.4L L4 2001-2007

For Toyota Matrix 2.4L L4 2009, 2010, 2013

For Toyota RAV4 2.0L L4 2001-2003

For Toyota RAV4 2.4L L4 2004-2008

For Toyota Solara 2.4L L4 2002-2006