MG MGB Front Shock Absorber Rebuilt By World Wide Nosimport Better-than-new

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Madison, Wisconsin, US
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World Wide Part No: RM8177 8177

Manufacturer: World Wide

Part Number: RM8177 8177

Remanufactured Shock Absorber by World Wide Auto Parts aka Nosimport in Madison WI  USA.

This fits an MGB    all years Front

     Part number 8177

Please note: A deposit will be invoiced in addition to the sale price. See CORE information below.

We rebuild these to the very highest standards, enhancing the original design by utilizing modern lip seals, sleeve bearings, and stainless steel shaft sleeves.

Each shock is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, glass-bead blasted, and then machined to accept the seals and bearings.

The valves and pistons are reworked to provide consistent damping.

The final product will arrive filled to the correct level with the proper oil, painted all black, with all new hardware. Our process will provide many years of reliable performance without ever needing to be "topped-up".

We can make special units of this, or any of the Armstrong shocks available, with different, or no, paint; different valves; different arm swing, and even an external adjustable valve!   Please contact us for these special services.

CORE: This is a deposit charged to encourage the return of your used part so that we have more to rebuild for others.

Refundable deposit for this $40.00

Once you purchase the shock(s) we will send an invoice through PayPal for the refundable deposit, and return shipping (if using UPS). The PayPal deposit invoice needs to be paid before we ship.

Please note that only 1 front shock will fit in a Medium Flat Rate Box.

As always, feel free to contact us with ANY questions.   Peter and Jane  .......

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