maremont 725458 63-65 (66?) studebaker rear shocks

Part Number 725458 is a used shock/strut.

Item #: PR-274930352071
Ships From: Anderson, Indiana, US
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Maremont Part No: 725458

Manufacturer: Maremont

Part Number: 725458

maremont 725458 63 64 65 (66?) studebaker rear shocks. From my grandfathers collection on his computer he has this goes to 63-65 someone on a studebaker car club chat says this includes 66 if you try and type in maremont shocks on eBay nothing pops up not sure why if you think my price is crazy it’s because I’m not sure how to price these as there are no maremont nor 63-65(66) shocks on the site so the price is a total guess

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