JAGUAR Set Of 4 Green Wheel Center Cap 59mm - - Guaranteed Satisfaction

Part Number C2D9611, C2C30081, C2D12326, C2Z4438, C2Z4 is a remanufactured center cap.

Item #: PR-404904244661
Ships From: Shakopee, Minnesota, US
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Jaguar Part No: C2D9611, C2C30081, C2D12326, C2Z4438, C2Z4

Manufacturer: Jaguar

Part Number: C2D9611, C2C30081, C2D12326, C2Z4438, C2Z4

Color: Green

Features: Anti-fade Protection, Car Wash Safe, Easy to Install, Flexible, Lightweight

This product is a set of four wheel center caps for Jaguar vehicles. The caps have an outside diameter of 59mm and an inside diameter of 50mm. They are made of ABS and aluminum material and have an anti-fade protection finish in green color. The caps are flexible, lightweight, and car wash safe. They are easy to install and come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. The emblem type is Jaguar and they are suitable for placement on the rear, left, front, and right of the vehicle.

Warranty: 1 Year

Returns Accepted: Yes

Item must be returned within: 14 calendar days

Return shipping will be paid by: BUYER