Ford , Mazda , Mercury 4.0L V6 SOHC Balance Shaft Assembly 1L2E-6A311-AA

Part Number 1L2E-6A311-AA is a used Ford oil pump for the Mazda 2.

Item #: PR-176410947654
Ships From: Humble, Texas, US
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Ford Part No: 1L2E-6A311-AA

Manufacturer: Ford

Part Number: 1L2E-6A311-AA

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Engine Information:

Engine Balancer Shaft; Casting 1L2E6A311AA; 2001-2007 Mustang, Explorer, Ranger, B4000, Mountaineer 5L2E 6015 B13A P1405-6055

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Cylinder Heads: Cylinder heads are checked with a vacuum pump for compression and leaks. It is always recommended to bring used cylinder heads to a machine shop for inspection upon receipt of the head. Resurfacing and replacement of valve seals are recommended to ensure good operation of the cylinder head assembly.

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