BMW X5 330I 528I MINI 745I M3 Screw In Tow Hook Hinge Eye OEM P/N 72157070643

Part Number 72 15 7 070 643 is a used towing part for the BMW 330i.

Item #: PR-126430929147
Ships From: Kannapolis, North Carolina, US
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Part Number: 72 15 7 070 643

Interchange Part Number: 11721435367, 72157070643

Fitment Type: Direct Replacement

BMW X5 330I 528I MINI 745I M3

Screw In Tow Hook Hinge Eye

OEM       P/N 72157070643

This is a used OEM tow hook hinge.

Shows wear

Part # is**72157070643**

72-15-7-070-643**72 15 7 070 643**


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