Blemished ZZPerformance Red Front Strut Tower Bar Brace 3800 Grand Prix regal

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, US
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Zzperformance Part No: ZZ-STBRC2-F-R

Manufacturer: Zzperformance

Part Number: ZZ-STBRC2-F-R

This is being highly discounted because the may have scratches that is keeping us from selling them as brand new.   So we are unloading some items that have minor cosmetic blemishes at highly discounted prices to clear up space.   Below is our normal description for a new one.

ZZPerformance 2nd Gen 3800 W Body Front Strut Tower Brace

1997-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix All 3.8L engines only

2000-05 Chevy Monte Carlo All 3.8L engines only

2000-05 Chevy Impala All 3.8L engines only

1997-2004 Buick Regal

Made in USA right here in Michigan.

Bolt on Strut tower brace.   Fully adjustable.

Powder coated Red

This bar will increase the cornering ability of the car by not allowing the strut towers to flex during hard cornering.

The ZZPerformance strut tower brace connect to the top of the vehicle's strut mounting points to each other to add structural rigidity. This improves handling by reducing chassis flex during cornering. This is our 2nd generation brace, it was redesigned to fit all years and they have nicer looking brackets.

We have engineered our braces to be simple, cost effective and absolutely state of the art. In fact, our strut tower brace weighs in under 3 1/2 pounds.

Combined with our components and you'll have that show quality look under the hood!

Unlike other sellers who just make strut bars as cheap as possible this is a high end custom design to be the best design out there that actually does what it is intended to do.   We didn't take a generic bar that's taken from another vehicle to make it adapt.   This was a design started from scratch, custom designed specifically for these vehicles and fully tested and ran on our own vehicles for many years before we decided to release it.   We like to get daily driving in, track use in, and rally's to get the feeling and reliability of every situation before mass producing it for our customers.   You will not find a better one period and our price cannot be touched.

Thanks for shopping!

Warranty: 1 Year