470601147 For Lamborghini Hubcap

Part Number 470601147 is a new hub cap.

Item #: PR-355663240546
Ships From: Chattanooga, Tennessee, US
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Lamborghini Part No: 470601147

Manufacturer: Lamborghini

Part Number: 470601147

Color: Black

Lamborghini Gold Shield Hubcap Black

- Improves the appearance of the wheel and the whole vehicle

- Protects the wheel hub from dirt and debris.

Price is for a single hubcap, if you need Hubcaps for all 4 wheels of your vehicle please order a quantity of 4.


Diameter 6 cm / 2.36 inches

Width: 8mm / 5/16 inches


Aventador all MY

Huracan all MY

Urus all MY

Part Number: 470601147

Item is NEW.

Returns Accepted: Yes