33410-77E2 OEM x4 Ignition Coils For 1998-07 Suzuki Esteem Aero Vitara 1.6L 2.0L

Part Number 33410-77E2 is a remanufactured Mitsubishi ignition coil for the Suzuki Esteem.

Item #: PR-305610377733
Ships From: Reseda, California, US
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Mitsubishi Part No: 33410-77E2

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Part Number: 33410-77E2

Other Part Number: 88921380 91175339 UF-237 33410-77E20 33410-77E21 UF237

Interchange Part Number: E525A, 5C1287, 178-8258, E727, 52-1585, GN10059, IC138, 3341077E20, 3341077E21, 3341077E2, 33410-77E2

Mileage: 75,000-100,000 miles

Remanufactured Mitsubishi 4 Ignition Coils for

  • 2002-2007SuzukiAerio2.0L L4, 2.3L
  • 1999-2002SuzukiEsteem1.8L L4
  • 1999-2005SuzukiGrand Vitara2.5L V6, 2.7L V6
  • 1998Suzuki        Sidekick1.6L L4, 1.8L L4
  • 1999-2003Suzuki.      Vitara2.0L L4
  • 2004Suzuki        Vitara2.5L V6
  • 2002-2006SuzukiXL-7        2.7L V6

Made in Japan

Manufacturer Part Number: 33410-77E2, 3341077E2


  • Not aftermarket, guaranteed genuine Mitsubishi.
  • Free same-day shipping and lifetime warranty.
  • Every coil undergoes rigorous testing to meet quality standards.

Remanufacturing Process for Coils:

  • Disassembly:
  1. The coil is separated from the product it belongs to, disassembling it from other components.
  • Cleaning and Inspection:
  1. Thorough cleaning removes any debris, dust, or residues from the coil.
  2. Inspection identifies signs of wear, corrosion, or damage on the coil's surface.
  • Repair and Replacement:
  1. Damaged or worn coils may undergo repair methods such as rewinding or coating.
  2. Extensive damage may necessitate complete replacement with a new or refurbished coil.
  • Reassembly and Testing:
  1. The coil is reassembled into its original or compatible housing or framework.
  2. Testing of the coil's electrical properties, including resistance and voltage, ensures it operates within specifications.
  3. Final inspection confirms the remanufactured coil meets quality standards and is ready for use.

Quality Assurance:

  • Each coil is carefully cleaned and inspected, internally and externally, utilizing advanced ultrasonic techniques.
  • New high-quality components such as O-rings, seals, and gaskets are installed for optimal performance.
  • Thorough testing ensures reliability and functionality, with a lifetime warranty backing our commitment to quality.

Installation Recommendations:

  • Before installation, lubricate all seals and O-rings.
  • Professional installation by a qualified mechanic is recommended to prevent any potential issues.
  • We advise against self-installation to avoid damages that may void the warranty.

Shipping and Returns:

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