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Part Number: 34516771231

PLEASE READ BELOW:When you buy our item you agree to our terms and conditionsITEM CONDITION:Good / Normal Use / As shown in the photos / It is buyer's responsibility to carefully inspect all of the photos for details and/or request more photos if necessary. BUYERS MUST INSPECT-CHECK FOR ANY KIND OF DAMAGES, BLEMISHES, OR DEFECTIVNESS, AND CHECK FOR COMPATIBILITY BEFORE PURCHASING- PLEASE CHECK PHOTOS/PART NUMBER(s) TO VERIFY FITMENT BEFORE PURCHASING.message us to verify and determine if part will fit and work on your vehicle- WE DO NOT GUARANTEE MATCHING COLOR TO YOUR VEHICLE. - EXPECT ADDITIONAL COSMETIC WEAR DUE TO STORAGE. PLEASE VERIFY COMPATIBILITY BEFORE BUYING.IT IS THE BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO DETERMINE WHETHER THE PART WILL FIT HIS/HER CAR OR NOT.PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MATCH THE PART NUMBER WITH YOUR ORIGINAL PART. WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PHOTOS IS WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE. Shipping and handling fees are non refundable. Most of our products are offered with free shipping. Meaning shipping has been included in the price to provide you with the total cost of the order. You will be refunded the purchase price minus our shipping costs as soon as item is returned to us.All electronics are tested before removed from vehicle. IF NOT FUNCTIONAL, WE WILL NOT SELL. If the item is defected we will state accordingly and is sold for parts only. Please ask questions before purchasing.We are not liable to pay for any labor fees associated with the installation or removal of any parts we sell.ALL RETURNS ARE SUBJECT TO A 25% RESTOCKING FEE, so please verify once again before purchase IMPORTANT!Once you have received your item in satisfactory condition, please leave us feedback. If there is a concern or issue that would cause you to want to leave negative feedback, please contact us first and we will do our best to resolve the problem and satisfy the situation. Thank You

Returns Accepted: No