2.5" Receiver 8" Drop/Rise Adjustable Tow Hitch Dual Ball Mount Trailer 18500 lb

Part Number 2.5" Receiver 8" Drop/Rise Towing Hitch is a new towing part.

Item #: PR-126071898444
Ships From: Ontario, California, US
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Richeer Part No: 2.5" Receiver 8" Drop/Rise Towing Hitch

Manufacturer: Richeer

Part Number: 2.5" Receiver 8" Drop/Rise Towing Hitch

Color: Silver

Features: Easy Cleaning, Easy Installation, Heavy Duty, Safety Cables, Secure Coupling, Weight Distribution

Protective Tow Hitch Plug. 1x Adjustable Dual Ball Tow Hitch. Size of the Trailer Hitch 2x Trailer hitch lock with 2 keys. Compatible with: Vehicles with 2.5" Receiver Hitch. Ball Size: 2" and 2-5/16" (To make it more safer, The balls are welded to that part and cannot be replaced).

Warranty: 3 Years

Returns Accepted: Yes

Item must be returned within: 30 calendar days

Return shipping will be paid by: BUYER