1992-1995 Lexus SC400 1993-1994 LS400 Genuine OEM EGR Valve 25620-50020

Part Number 25620-50020, 25620-50020,25620-50020 is a used DENSO OEM emissions system part for the Lexus LS400.

Item #: PR-335235209318
Ships From: Fresno, California, US
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Denso Oem Part No: 25620-50020, 25620-50020,25620-50020

Manufacturer: Denso Oem

Part Number: 25620-50020, 25620-50020,25620-50020

Features: 100% Accuracy of Fit, Easy to Replace, No Drilling Required

Good Used Genuine OEM EGR Valve came out of a 2007 Lexus LS 460 A/T with rear collision. It had 113K miles. Please view pictures for description and condition. PART NUMBER : 25620-50020 Please match part number with your old unit to ensure it’s a match for your make an model of your vehicle, if not sure please check with your local Lexus Dealership or personal mechanic, we will not be responsible if you order wrong.