1969-73 Vintage Retro Oem Opel GT 4 Lug Chrome Metal Center Caps 4 Used Nice

Part Number Opel Center Caps 4 is a used center cap for the Opel Opel.

Item #: PR-256424586707
Ships From: Lansing, Michigan, US
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Opel Part No: Opel Center Caps 4

Manufacturer: Opel

Part Number: Opel Center Caps 4

Color: Chrome/Black

Features: Car Wash Safe, Easy to Install, Lightweight

1969-1973 Chrome 4 lug original Opel original set of 4 chrome center caps

Oem Rare. Hard to find.is used with minor pitting and shelf ware ….Does have some nicks and scratches , rust , but should mount well have all clips.

One center missing embelm but was painted on. Look at pics!

These fit on lug nut with flare.

13”wheel oem

You get a set of 4

wheel chrome