17-23 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport Rear Center Seat Headrest Head Rest Black 3k mi

used seat for the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Item #: PR-256400788870
Ships From: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, US
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Manufacturer: Alfa Romeo

Color: Black

VIN from donor vehicle: ZARFANBN2M7649881 -- 2021 Giulia Ti Sport. Mileage less than 3000.

May interchange with other years / trims.

Seats were not damaged in the accident, they were removed completely intact and functioning (no deployment), and then dismantled. The car had pretty light damage, relatively speaking, in my opinion. Photos of the donor vehicle are on the internet.

Please make sure the part fits your needs and is compatible with the vehicle you are working with.

Ask any questions you may have.

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